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We are never far from a neighbor who needs our love — the poor and needy, the hungry and homeless, people who are sick, drug addicts, the unemployed, and others who are marginalized by society. When we serve those who are the “least among us,” we serve Christ.

Catholic Charities 2017 Annual Appeal invites us to consider God’s gracious love for us and, in turn, our love for our neighbors in need. God’s grace allows us to recognize the face of Christ in others and to serve them with love. Please Pray for the Good Work of Catholic Charities and Make a Pledge Today.

Your Donation Makes A Difference!

Your generous support of the 2017 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal is an act of mercy that will transform lives. We appreciate your donation and take special care to use it wisely in providing essential programs and services to people in need throughout all eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland. On behalf of the poor and needy of Northeast Ohio, thank you!

Contact us: Catholic Charities Annual Appeal, 1404 E Ninth St 8th FL, Cleveland, OH 44114. 216-696-6525 ext. 1049.

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