Catholic Charities

A gift to Catholic Charities is a gift that will change lives.

Your financial support reaches people throughout Northeast Ohio and helps to carry out Christ’s healing mission for those who are hurting: people who are hungry, homeless, without employment, facing addictions, elderly and alone, and those with mental and physical disabilities.

Catholic Charities proclaims the dignity of every person by providing help and creating hope for the needy, regardless of race or creed. As one of the largest comprehensive health and human services organizations in the region, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, delivers an integrated system of quality services to over 400,000 individuals each year.

Did you know, in the Diocese of Cleveland...

Catholic Charities serves nearly 400,000 people annually.

Catholic Charities provides help and inspires hope for individuals with disabilities, people who are hungry and homeless, children and families at risk, and the elderly and chronically ill.

Catholic Charities has over 150 services at 60 locations throughout the eight-county Diocese of Cleveland.

Catholic Charities served 1,375 families through Fatima Family Center.

Catholic Charities served 3,732,045 meals and provided 57,332 nights of shelter in 2016, in partnership with the Catholic Hunger and Shelter Network, our parishes and community-based programs.

Catholic Charities served 1,397 families through St. Philip Neri Family Center.

Catholic Charities provides Emergency Services to over 122,000 individuals annually.

Catholic Charities Head Start Program enrolls 723 students, from 674 families, served by 2,278 volunteers

Catholic Charities has resettled 326 refugees and served 1,198 individuals by our Immigration Legal Services.

Catholic Charities has provided 781 education sessions through the Office of Human Life.

Catholic Charities has served over 30,000 young people through Youth & Young Adult Ministries and CYO programs throughout the Diocese of Cleveland.

Catholic Charities employes nearly 1,500 men and women at their Catholic Charities, St. Augustine Health Ministries and Rose-Mary Center locations.

Catholic Charities served 1,189 individuals in Ashland County.

Catholic Charities served 17,490 individuals in Lake County.

Catholic Charities served 15,144 individuals in Lorain County.

Catholic Charities served 4,542 individuals in Medina County.

Catholic Charities served 41,261 individuals in Summit County.

Catholic Charities served 7,483 individuals in Wayne County.

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