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“I wanted to come back to the Church, but I didn’t know how,” says David, who grew up as a Catholic, but had not been in Church for over 30 years. “Life can take you in different directions. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, and because of circumstances in my life, I just drifted away.”

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Thanks to the generosity of people from every parish in the eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland, Rooted in Faith - Forward in Hope is transforming the landscape of parishes and securing the Church’s future in Northeast Ohio. 

The impact of this historic campaign, which was initiated in 2010 and is the largest fundraising campaign ever conducted by the Diocese of Cleveland, can be seen in capital improvements to schools and parishes, greater Diocesan evangelization efforts, improved facilities for social service outreach, seminarian education, and secured retirement for our priests.

With a goal to raise $125 million, Rooted in Faith – Forward in Hope exceeded expectations, resulting in more than $170 million in payments and pledges.



Fine Arts Workshop, Funded by Rooted in Faith - Forward in Hope, Helps Archbishop Lyke Students Shape Their Future

One day Kamara would like to be a doctor and help her family. Her schoolmate, Damon, wants to be an engineer. So, how did a Fine Arts Workshop focused on dinosaurs help to advance their dreams? Fourth grader, Iyana, sums it up. “I learned that when you work harder, you can do it,” she says; an outlook she adopted when asked to try something completely new during the 3-day workshop – draw a dinosaur and then build it out of clay.

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Grant Distributions

Because of the generosity of donors throughout the Diocese of Cleveland, Catholic Education grants have been awarded to Catholic schools under the Expanding the Educational Landscape with Innovation case component, which addresses three essential funding priorities: technology, facilities and curriculum. 

Parishes have received funds from the Strengthening Our Faith/Lay Faith Formation case component, which supports catechesis for children, adolescents, and adults. 

Dec. 2016 - Strengthening Our Faith
Dec. 2016 - CatholicEducation
Dec. 2015 - Strengthening our Faith
Dec. 2015 - Catholic Education 
Dec. 2014 - Strengthening Our Faith
Dec. 2014 - Catholic Education
March 2014 - Strengthening Our Faith
Dec. 2013 - Catholic Education
May 2013 - Catholic Education
March 2013 - Strengthening Our Faith

Grant applications can be obtained through the Office of Catechetical Formation and Education.

Distribution of Funds Collected

through 4/30/2017


  • Tuition Assistance - Endowment, $21,154,812
  • Expanding Educational Landscape w/Innovation, $12,692,892


  • Parish Assistance Fund - Endowment, $4,207,499
  • Evangelization Programs, $3,365,999
  • Diocesan Media & Technology Programs, $841,497


  • Religious Education & Faith Formation Youth & Young Adults, $1,051,874
  • Engaging Young Adults in Church Life, $1,262,244
  • Sacramental Preparation, $1,051,874
  • Adult Faith Formation - Endowment, $841,502


  • Priest Retirement Fund - Endowment, $12,705,476
  • Priestly Formation - Endowment, $6,352,748
  • Continued Education of Priests - Endowment, $1,694,063
  • Diaconate Formation and Education, $423,508


  • Program Expansion /Facility Renovations, $6,257,514


  • Parish Share Payments, $38,462,008

TOTALS $124,452,343

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