Walk in Faith.
Give in Joy.

Thank you! Because of you, more than 400,000 people will be impacted this year. As of October 31st, a total of 45,328 faithful donors from across the Diocese have pledged $12.9 million towards the Annual Appeal goal of $13.5 million.

Please give generously


As Children of God, we work together to respond to those in need and offer guidance through quality services designed to respect the dignity of each person. Inspired by the Gospel, the programs and services offered through Catholic Charities focus on building a just and compassionate society that embraces the gifts given to us by Christ. 


Our vision is to live in a world where all people can share the blessings that our Lord has given us. In order to accomplish this, we focus on our values - hope, concern, justice, dignity - that embody our vision and serve as a reminder that we can see and know the Lord through helping others. 



Together, we bring hope to the families who are struggling to put food on the table, to the migrants seeking a safe environment to call home, to the addicts fighting to stay sober, to the disabled who feel isolated. 



We see the hungry, the homeless, the addicted, the sick, the lonely, and all those who are suffering for who they are: children of God. And by putting our concerns into actions, we are living and breathing the Word of God. 



Generosity brings justice to others in the form of companionship, help, and hope. By opening our hearts to those suffering in our community, justice will be achieved and a genuine respect for all people will be shared. 



Christ teaches us that no person, rich or poor, is separated from His love. This eternal love shines bright in the hearts of the less fortunate, and they deserve dignity and respect. 


As you Walk in Faith and Give in Joy, you continue the work of Christ on earth.

Your financial gift will provide essential programs and services to people throughout all eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland.

On behalf of those who are hungry and homeless, people who are alone and isolated, and families that struggle with poverty…Thank You!

Please Give Generously 

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