Together, we can change the faces of despair, loneliness, darkness, and addiction into FACES OF HOPE through your support of the Annual Appeal

Being a witness to the #FacesofHope around us reminds us that, THOUGH WE ARE MANY, WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST.

Your financial gift will provide essential programs and services to people throughout all eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland.

On behalf of those who are hungry and homeless, people who are alone and isolated, and families that struggle with poverty…Thank You!



Tom shares his light with others who are struggling

When life circumstances become unbearable, we are there to offer a helping hand. Together, we bring light to the darkness, brightening the lives of those in need around us. Read more.


Monyana now has a vision for her future

Together, we bring hope to the families who are struggling to put food on the table, to the migrants seeking a safe environment to call home, to the addicts fighting to stay sober, to the disabled who feel isolated. Read more.


Nette brings joy to others through her faithfulness

Christ teaches us that no person is seperated from His love. This eternal love shines bright in the hearts of the less fortunate, and they deserve compassion and respect. Read more.


Ron shows his compassion through service to others

We see the hungry, the homeless, the addicted, the sick, the lonely, and all those who are suffering for who they are: beloved children of God. And by putting our compassion into actions, we are living and breathing the Word of God. Read more.

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