You can make a difference in the lives of so many people who are looking for healing. By sharing your faith and generosity, you can bring peace to people and help to restore their lives to the wholeness that God wants for all of us. 

Catholic Charities continues to be the best means we have to do what Jesus desires of us: to take care of those in need. By participating in the mission of Catholic Charities, you can share God's love for the world. 

Your gift to Catholic Charities will ensure that food pantries are stocked, shelters remain open, mental health and addiction services are accessible in every county, urban family centers continue vibrant program offerings, the elderly receive compassionate care, and people with disabilities are treated with respect and enjoy activities that enrich their lives.

On behalf of those recieving services from Catholic Charities, THANK YOU! Every gift and every prayer you offer makes a difference.


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