Parish Champions

Parish Champions

Growing engagement for the Catholic Charites Appeal

The foundation selects twelve parishes for this social media strategy. The foundation will work with the pastor at each parish to identify a Catholic family to serve as our “parish champion.” The foundation will then work with each parish champion family to create a short social media video (60-90 seconds). The video will be published on Facebook and Instagram before the parish’s in-pew weekend and will be designed specifically to reach fellow parishioners and encourage them to support the 2024 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal. 


  • Parishes that post at least daily on Facebook report average household giving 44% higher than parishes who post less often.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the average American is watching five hours of videos a day, making video content 1200% more successful than other content.


Please view our 2023 Parish Champion videos! Below you can find the McDowell, Mosholder, McMahon, and Cawneen Family videos. All videos were about 90 seconds in length, and shared by their parishes, the families themselves, and on our social media.

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