In-Pew Weekend | February 20-21

Please refer to these suggested strategies to implement the In-Pew Appeal in a healthy and effective way.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions 

Notes for the Pastor 

Livestreaming Guide

In-Pew Weekend Checklist 

  • The COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol is followed and the suggested strategies are utilized to the best of your ability, depending on the features in your church.
  • The full in-pew process is implemented at each Mass.
  • The Pastor leads the in-pew process at each Mass; even those Masses presided over by another priest.
  • There is a ready availability of supplies.
  • The Annual Appeal Team is excited and positive about the Appeal.
  • The Catholic Charities video or audio message is played at each Mass.
  • A representative from every family fills out an in-pew pledge card as led by the Pastor to do so.
  • A designated team member secures the envelopes after each Mass.
  • A designated team member sends the envelopes to Agilis for processing on February 22. 

Bulletin + Pulpit Announcements

Download as a Word Document or PDF. 

Prayers of the Faithful


Included in your Parish Kit is a DVD with Bishop Malesic’s message to the faithful as well as four other shorter videos highlighting client impact stories to be used on In-Pew Weekend. 

To ensure all audiences have the opportunity to view the video, please refer to the Livestreaming Guide here. 

These videos help to illustrate the many services provided to thousands of people in each part of our diocese every day through Catholic Charities programs and services. They tell the stories of real people whose lives have been changed by Catholic Charities and the importance of promoting it to your parishioners cannot be overstated. 

In-Pew Script for Pastor/Presider (pdf) 

Email Template

Resources For After In-Pew Weekend

Processing of In-Pew Envelopes (Instructions)

In-Pew Envelope Transmittal Form (Agilis)

Thank You Email (Template)

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