Increased Offertory Program Sessions

As we approach the end of our fiscal year, many parishes are beginning to schedule out their 2024 calendars. How are you planning for financial vitality of 2024? As committed partners in your parish’s efforts to encourage faithful stewardship, the Catholic Community Foundation is pleased to offer you resources to immediately increase your offertory revenue.

We hope you join us for one or both of these FREE sessions to learn all about how your parish can benefit from an increased offertory program (IOP).

As part of the Pastor’s Desk Top, all pastors, parochial vicars, parish life coordinators, business managers, parish office managers and finance council members are invited.

All are welcome!

For more information, please contact Jackie Brauser, Parish Services Manager at the Catholic Community Foundation: 216-696-6525 x1640,

Offertory Enhancement

The Catholic Community Foundation has partnered with Cathedral Corporation and Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) to provide a unique offertory enhancement program that combines critical faith formation with successful techniques of inspiring increased giving. 

We invite you to view the above recording, "Driving Increased and Sustained Giving Through an Enhanced Offertory Appeal" featuring Fr. Michael Matusc, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish which experienced an offertory increase during the challenges of the pandemic; Joanie Lewis from Our Sunday Visitor; and, Patrick Grace, executive director of the Catholic Community Foundation. Recorded May 24,  2022.


The diocese is offering a one-time incentive to parishes that provide an increased offertory program in years 2019 or 2020. The full cost of the vendor program will be deducted from your annual assessment in the year following your appeal. Parishes will be responsible for paying the cost of the program with the contracted vendor of their choice. After completing an increased offertory program, we then continue to partner and assist by providing additional Stewardship formation opportunities, which continues parish engagement beyond one’s treasures.

After completing the Increased Offertory Program, we encourage you to continue to partner with the Stewardship Office for additional stewardship formation/education opportunities, which continue parish engagement beyond one’s treasures.


  • The program is conducted over 6-9 weeks (depending upon the vendor selected) and includes personalized letters to registered households, use of lay witnesses, a Pastor in-pew commitment weekend, thank you letters to responders and follow up letters to the non-responders.
  • The appeal concludes with giving thanks and providing a summary of result reported to the parish community.
  • Two experienced partners to select from who manage the week-to-week administration of the program from fullfillment of printed materials to reporting of outcomes and recommended next steps. 


  • The communications provide increased parishioner investment in the mission and ministries vital to the Church, while cultivating stewardship awareness.
  • Parishes experience an immediate increase in offertory beginning with commitment weekend.
  • Each vendor offers an investment guarantee.
  • Additional outcomes include increase in utilization of electronic giving, new member registrations, legacy giving disclosures, and new requests for envelope usage.

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