Stewardship Education and Formation

The goal of stewardship ministry is to help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents, and finances God has entrusted to them. 

The Office of Stewardship promotes the spirituality of Stewardship to cultivate intentional discipleship by providing clergy and laity with opportunities for education and formation, offering practical resources as an invitation to Stewardship as a way of life.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the many wonderful resources available to parishes of any size.  Didn’t find what you’re looking for?  I am here to serve, let’s connect.

Visit the Office of Stewardship website for further information.

Our most popular stewardship resources:

Catholic Stewardship Webcast Series – Our Sunday Visitor

No cost access to monthly webinars aimed to further your parish leaders’ stewardship education and formation, offering very practical ideas from nationally-recognized presenters. Topicsinclude:Painless Stewardship Planning, Growing Young Adults, Engaging Parishioners, Using Parish Surveys and Assessments to name a few. Register and receive the recorded session.

Impact/Impacto – Year Round Stewardship Education

A dynamic, monthly stewardship resource available from Catholic Life & Faith called Impact/Impacto is available to all parishes at no cost in English and Spanish. This resource was developed with the goal of forming people as disciples and good stewards, who share their gifts and faith, making an impact on their lives and the life of the world. It includesa monthly Bulletin insert/social media resource, homily connections, and prayer/reflection outline for parish meetings

International Catholic Stewardship Council (

The International Catholic Stewardship Council promotes and supports Catholic teaching on stewardship by providing education and resources for dioceses, parishes, and institutions of the Roman Catholic Church. Though this is a membership organization, they also offer many wonderful resources at no cost. Visit the website to learn more today!

Joyfully Gifted

Do your parishioners understand the Church’s teachings regarding the spiritual gifts they were given at Baptism? Would they enjoy an opportunity to further discover and discern their unique gifts? Imagine a parish community where all of the laity have discovered and are using their spiritual gifts and direct them authentically to the heat of the Gospel.  We might find that we will have parish communities guided by the Holy Spirit, living in communion, to be mysteriously fruitful (Joy of the Gospel, 130) Let us help you learn more!

Stewardship Network Meetings

No need to work in a silo when it comes to meeting ministry challenges and developing solutions.  We provide a monthly forum for parish professionals/lay leaders responsible for parish engagement to share challenges and practical solutions. Come as you can and learn from other parishes in the diocese the first Thursday of every month at 9:30-11:30 am.

Electronic Giving/Grateful Giving/Faithful Legacy

A parish can develop superior plans and strategies, but they will be effective only when human and financial resources are made available to implement them. USCCB Leadership Resource: Living as Missionary Disciples, p.28)  What Stewardship of treasure solutions are you ready to explore? Let us help with leveraged, low-cost options for parishes of any size to help encourage planned, proportionate, and sacrificial giving. 

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