Deidre loves her job as a dietician and cashier at a local hospital. “It’s never the same each day,” she says. “It’s exciting.”

Not that long ago, Deidre was in a very different place. “I decided to take the road down to drugs. I became homeless and mentally unstable.” After two years, she put herself in a recovery facility. It was there that she learned about the job search resources offered at the St. Philip Neri Employment and Training Center. “They helped me with my resume, job applications and cover letters,” Deidre says. “And they helped me look for jobs.”

By the time she had an in-person interview at the hospital, Deidre felt confident about rejoining the workforce. “You lose hope when you do drugs. This program helped me get my confidence back,” she says. “When I got the job, it was awesome. I felt like I was back."

“I’ve recommended this program to several people,” she adds. “I’ve learned a lot, and I don’t want to go back to where I was. I like my life today.”

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