Dylan, Elaine and Jasef

Dylan, Elaine and Jasef

Amanda always knew she wanted to send her children to Catholic schools. “I enjoyed my experience in Catholic schools, and I wanted my kids to have the same experience,” she says. With five children, tuition is a concern for Amanda and her husband, Michael. When their oldest child, Dylan, was in kindergarten, the parents learned about tuition assistance.

“It makes a huge difference,” says Amanda, especially now that Dylan attends Elyria Catholic High School and two of his siblings, Jasef and Elaine, attend St. Jude School in Elyria. In addition to a solid Catholic foundation, Amanda appreciates the individualized attention her children receive at school. “The teachers are so involved,” she says.

Amanda and Michael encourage other parents to look into tuition assistance. “Fill out the forms. You may qualify,” Amanda says. Through the tuition assistance program, more children are able to receive a quality Catholic education, she adds. “Without that help, students can’t get the opportunity their parents would love them to have.”

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