Fatima Family Center

Fatima Family Center

Sharing property with St. Agnes Parish, the Fatima Family Center is a Catholic Charities site that offers invaluable programs in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland. Over the summer, the ring of children's laughter can be heard all throughout the Fatima campus, where they offer a daytime summer camp program for school-aged children, providing them with educational and physical activities, trips, meals, and inspiring camp counselors- available by scholarship to families. Fatima also provides weekday and evening services to the community's adult and senior population, with book clubs, technology courses, exercise, and more.

Not only is the Fatima Family Center a place of refuge and fellowship to the many faces that grace its doors, but it is also helping fight the childhood hunger and poor academic retention many children face when the school year lets out. The center looks to college kids (many of which who grew up with the summer camp in their own youth), adults with big hearts, and even well-known athletes to help mentor the kids in the summer camp and after-school programs.

The Cleveland Browns helped to kick off this summer's activities with a special visit, including an Ice Cream Truck!

To learn more about the Fatima Family Center, visit their website.

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