Milan Busta has discovered a way to give back that suits him perfectly. Through a charitable gift annuity, he can be generous, support a cause he loves and receive benefits from his gift.

"Many people say they will leave something in their will," says Milan, circumstances can change. I prefer to give now and I find the charitable gift annuity a very good vehicle for doing so."

Mike (a boyhood nickname that has stuck with Milan his entire life) knows a thing or two about managing funds. He made a career and a good living in the financial industry, and although he has long since retired, Mike uses his know-how to thoroughly investigate an organization's financials before making a donation.

"I like to give to something or someone who has touched my life," remarks Mike, who chose to make three charitable gift annuities to different organizations in the Diocese. The recipients are St. Bernadette Parish, Catholic Charities and Priestly Formation. "I have always supported my parish and I believe Catholic Charities does good work to manage their resources well," Mike says. When asked about his gift to Priestly Formation, Mike states, "I wanted to do something to encourage young men to go into the priesthood."

The charitable gift annuity allows a person to transfer cash and/or stocks to the recipient he or she chooses. In return, the individual enjoys a partial tax deduction as well as income from the annuity. When the donor passes away, the charity keeps the gift.

"It has been very good working with the Diocese to set up the gift annuities," says Mike, who has always had a giving spirit and fostered that spirit in his children. "Giving is something you need to get in the habit of doing. Everyone has received help from someone, and we need to give back," Mike says.

If you are interested in setting up a charitable gift annuity or discussing other planned giving options, contact us.

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