Mitch Bowlus

Mitch Bowlus

For Mitch Bowlus, a seasoned investor, knowing that the vast majority of his donations go directly to the cause is important. “I am very careful in my annual giving in who I give to. The one thing about Catholic Charities is that the sites and programs supported are good, solid organizations that are truly making a difference. I don’t need to worry about how the funds are impacting people. I know the money is going where I intended,” says Mitch.

Mitch is affiliated with many charities, including Catholic Charities. He shares that his father was very philanthropic. “ I was in business with my dad. He instilled in my sister and me the importance of helping others if you are able. This isn’t what you should do; it is an obligation. It’s nice to know that you are helping people out and impacting their lives in a positive way. I think everyone who has been blessed financially should give back – this is an important thing to do.”

Mitch sees the impact of financial support to Catholic Charities as immediate and meaningful. “You know that your money is going to help people,” says Mitch. He points to a previous experience in helping a women’s shelter through charity work at his business. “Hunger and homelessness is a very significant problem. Being homeless is a downward spiral. I feel very blessed to have the means to help others improve their quality of life.”

Mitch Bowlus is a longtime member of St. Anselm Parish in Chesterland.

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