Suffering two strokes this year. Fighting for his disability income. Homeless for nearly two years. Isolated from his 17-year-old daughter and missing his deceased parents. These are the hardships Samuel faces every day. Released from incarceration in early 2020, he describes the mental strain of “coming home to no one and nothing.”

Samuel is 48 and was living in a men's shelter in Cleveland. He relies on Catholic Charities Bishop Cosgrove Center for breakfast and lunch, hot showers, and human kindness. “Especially with this virus around, I can’t even find the words to say what a blessing this place has been.”

With help from Catholic Charities’ partnership with FrontLine Service, Samuel recently got his own place to live. “Right now, I just have a mattress. But the Cosgrove Center is helping me with furniture. When you have nothing, that’s a blessing. I am grateful for anything. Now I’ve got a room, I’ve got a key.”

Recovering from the loss of his right arm due to a stroke, Samuel says the hot meals at Cosgrove and having his own place will help him heal and help rebuild the relationship with his daughter. “They relieved a lot of the stress that you go through in a shelter. I’ve been out of my child’s life, and I want that back. When you have nothing, that makes it harder. She’s all I have. But now I have more than just hope that I will reconnect with her. I am going to make that happen. I’m grateful for supportive people at Cosgrove Center who have made my life much better.”

Samuel wants people to know how much their support is needed. “I’m not the only one. A lot of people are going through hard times. To get this help is unbelievable. I am thankful.”

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