Stan has lived a full life. At 96, he looks back with pride on his days as a merchant marine on a Liberty ship in World War II, star college basketball player at Wake Forest University, pro player for Akron’s Goodyear Wingfoots, sales engineer for Goodyear Aviation, business owner, basketball coach at St. Sebastian’s parish school, and devoted husband and father of five.

When Stan’s wife entered a nursing home in 2018 due to health issues, he continued to live independently, with regular visits from his adult children. But he loves getting out on his own twice a week, taking a SCAT bus to Catholic Charities Summit Adult Day Services in Akron.

“It means a lot to me. I‘m able to mix with people instead of sitting on my tookus all day! I enjoy it, and the people marvel at the things I can do at my age. I’ve always been active. The bus comes right to my door. As you age, you need something to do. There’s physical and mental stimulation – with crafts, activities, exercise, and current event discussions.”

Stan’s daughter, Anne, is delighted with the Summit Adult Day Services. “We knew that when my dad was going to be living at home alone, he needed activities and social interaction other than his kids. We think it’s fabulous. All of us together couldn’t duplicate the services. He interacts with people closer to his age. One of the guys does crafts with him and they challenge each other to get it done faster! It fills a huge void. He gets out and doesn’t have to make his own breakfast or lunch those days.”

Anne is grateful for services that enrich her dad’s life and bring him joy. “Catholic Charities serves everyone, from youth to the elderly. It’s what organizations are supposed to do in serving the community.”

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