Tom and Elsa Pavlik

Tom and Elsa Pavlik

Thankful for all they’ve received, Tom and Elsa Pavlik, married now for 52 years, are in turn passing on a legacy of service and support. Their parents gave them a Catholic education and an example of charitable giving; Elsa’s parents emphasized: “To those who are given much, much is expected.”

Tom attended St. Edward High School and Elsa, St. Augustine Academy in Lakewood. Her school’s motto, “In all things, charity,” hit home for Elsa when visiting the DePaul Infant Home as a sophomore, leading her to later become “a professional volunteer.” Tom’s law practice flourished, allowing Elsa to stay home with their son and serve multiple organizations, including 35 years as a Catholic Charities board member.

Tom and Elsa are leaving another legacy through the Heritage Society, which recognizes people who have made provisions in their estate plans for the Church. “It’s important to leave something for the Church so that it can go on for generations to come,” says Elsa. One beneficiary will be their parish of 20 years, St. Christopher Church in Rocky River. They also remembered Catholic Charities and have left a designation “for the greatest need at the time,” says Elsa.

“Catholic Charities does so much good,” Tom adds. “Whatever we can do to help is well worth it.”

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