Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are increasingly popular with donors who want to engage their children in charitable giving decisions now and continue that involvement after the donor’s death.

Donor Advised Funds are also attractive for individuals facing a significant taxable event, desiring a current income tax deduction, or looking for tax, administrative and cost benefits as compared to a private foundation.  Whether structured as an endowed or non-endowed fund, Donor Advised Funds established with the Catholic Community Foundation will be invested in accordance with teachings of the Catholic Church. Your recommendations for grant awards from the fund can be made to help charitable organizations whose activities do not conflict with Church teaching.

Donor Advised Funds - Fast Facts 

  • Can be created with a current gift of $10,000 for individuals/spouses
  • Assets held in Donor Advised Fund grow tax-free
  • Fund distributions can continue with successor advisors after donor’s death or distribute fully to charitable beneficiary or endowed fund
  • Distributions from the fund are expected to benefit primarily Diocesan and other Catholic organizations within the eight county Diocese of Cleveland
  • Attractive fee structure for endowed and non-endowed donor advised funds

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