Create Your Catholic Legacy

When you make plans to leave a gift to the Church, you demonstrate your gratitude to God for all the gifts with which God has blessed you.

How to Give  |  What To Give

You also give witness to family and friends as to the importance of your faith, at the same time blessing the lives of those who will benefit from your generosity. 

Whether you make a gift to continue a ministry at your parish, to help sustain the good works of Catholic Charities, to provide a Catholic education to students, to ensure the formation of priests, or to help another ministry of the Diocese of Cleveland, you are passing along the tradition of our Catholic faith. Your gift to the Church is part of your legacy.

We invite you to join our Heritage Society so that we may acknowledge you and others may be inspired by your generosity and forethought.  

Above all, we thank you for considering your legacy of faith.


Charlie & Sharon

Read how Charlie and Sharon are giving witness to their faith with a legacy gift. 


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