Parish Legacy Giving

The Catholic Community Foundation can help parishes establish and grow a Parish Legacy Giving program to encourage estate gifts from parishioners. Whether a parish decides to implement a few essential steps or invites greater participation with an expanded effort, the Foundation can provide guidance, support and resources, including:


  • Advising pastor and key staff on appropriate parish marketing plan
  • Providing template marketing materials used successfully at other parishes
  • Creating parish-specific brochures such as “Legacy Giving Options” and “How to Create or Update Your Will”
  • Providing content to create a parish legacy giving webpage
  • Offering Foundation staff as a resource to meet with parishioners considering estate gift to parish
  • Presenting charitable gift or estate planning seminars.


  • Helps pastor and parish leadership understand the importance of developing and continuing a legacy giving program
  • Provides an opportunity for parishioners to express their spirituality, values and pass on the faith for future generations
  • Creates greater partnership with parishioners
  • Contributes to the future financial needs of the Church

Contact Sandy Lucas to access these password-protected resources:

Sample Legacy Giving Marketing Plan

Sample Pulpit Announcement to Introduce Legacy Society

Initial Bulletin and Newsletter Announcement

Letter of Invitation from Pastor

Letter of Invitation Response Card

Sample Brochure - How to Create or Update Your Will

Sample Brochure - Gifts from Your Will or Living Trust

Sample Brochure - Legacy Giving Options

Sample Brochure - Legacy Society

Sample Gift Intent Form

Text for Parish Webpage

Sample Bulletin Announcements for Ongoing Use

Parishioner Story

Informative Article

Testimonial Examples

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