Deacon David Chojnacki

Deacon David Chojnacki

It's harder to let your Christian light shine if you're short on outlets.

Fortunately, the Heart of a Shepherd campaign is funding much-needed interior renovations to Borromeo Seminary and Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology - providing at least one unexpected spiritual benefit to future priests like Deacon David Chojnacki.

"My room now accommodates a chair and lamp. Outlets were few and far between before these renovations." While this may sound like a minor convenience, David, 26, says the improvements have impacted his faith. "It's so nice to have these beautiful spaces that naturally lend themselves to prayer and reflection."

Following his graduation from Hudson High School eight years ago, David entered a seminary building at Borromeo that until recently remained largely unchanged since Bishop Anthony Pilla was a member of the first graduating class.
"I've always been proud of our seminary, but it's gotten even better," says David. "The renovations feel like a physical manifestation of this trend. Now, it just feels more like home."

In April, David was ordained a transitional deacon and is excited to begin his assignment at St. Mary Parish in Painesville this summer. And while the renovations are only about halfway complete, Deacon Chojnacki tells us they've brought new energy (beyond the electrical outlets) to the campus.

"We're blessed that most of the men who study here stay here." David is grateful that the men he will be ordained with are some of his best friends. They've grown together through their academic pursuits, prayer, and shared love of admittedly nerdy board games. "We're all excited to be able to serve our diocese and region together."

"Your donations are an investment in the future of the Church in Cleveland. Your support will ensure that we can educate tomorrow's spiritual leaders to guide the faithful here in Northeast Ohio."

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