Mary Queen of Peace Parish

Mary Queen of Peace Parish

As of March 30, 2021, the Emergency Response Fund has distributed $372,525 to 49 parishes in the Diocese of Cleveland. The funds have aided approximately 4,836 people thus far.

One parish community this fund has helped is Mary Queen of Peace Parish in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The pastor of Mary Queen of Peace, Fr. Doug Brown, applied and received assistance from the fund twice, once at the beginning of the pandemic and then again at the start of the new year.

“When the pandemic hit, suddenly the calls for help started increasing and we said, ‘how do we deal with this?” Fr. Brown recalls. “And then I heard about the Emergency Assistance Fund, so I applied and we got it. That was a huge help to us.”

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference at Mary Queen of Peace, which typically aids the community with food drives, has also taken over the distribution of the emergency funds to families and individuals in need, even going out of the area and working with other churches to meet those needs. “It was a very warm feeling inside to be able to help more people,” says Joe Hanna, the President of the parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference. “And without my people helping me, we just couldn’t do it.”

The parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference is a mighty team of five that have been listening and evaluating the calls for help in the surrounding community during these difficult times to fulfill those needs, whether providing food or money for rent, utilities, or prescriptions.

“Most people are very thankful. Some have sent us thank you cards to the church,” Joe says. “And those cards are the ones that you like to get because it makes you feel that you did something worthwhile.”

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