Ed Wilde spent just one day at Holy Family Hospice in Parma before he died, but his wife, Nette, took immense comfort in the physical and spiritual care he received. “Ed was a very holy and compassionate man,” Nette says. “I believe that my husband’s life was in God’s hands only, and I wanted him to spend his last days on earth in God’s care and presence.”

The staff at Holy Family Hospice knew that their job of emotional healing continued after Ed’s passing. Nette’s grief needed to be addressed. “I used to cry all the time,” Nette says. A call from Erin in Holy Family’s bereavement office boosted her spirits, and the two decided to meet once a week. “That was the beginning of my healing process,” Nette says.

Another important step in that process occurred when Nette began volunteering at Holy Family as a chapel assistant. Helping patients and their loved ones to know they are not alone and that they are loved by God gives Nette the chance to give back with empathy and compassion. “It is the most wonderful and amazing thing when one is doing something for others without expecting anything in return,” she says. Nette believes that volunteering is just as beneficial to her as it is to the people she helps. “To me, Holy Family Hospice is a small but very welcoming community of God’s people. I was joyfully accepted with open arms, and everyone made me feel that I am no longer alone and that I belong.”

Nette encourages others to experience the fulfillment of sharing their time and talents. “Do you want to be alive and happy? Volunteer with love,” she says. “Volunteering is being thankful to God for all that we receive from Him.”

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