Pat and Nancy Sullivan

Pat and Nancy Sullivan

"We support Catholic Charities because caring for our neighbors is at the heart of the Gospel," say Nancy and Pat, who have made an intentional choice to support Catholic Charities for many years. "We know life is messy and unpredictable. Being able to help in some way is profoundly meaningful. Catholic Charities allow us to engage with others in that way."

The Sullivans admit it is easy to be "overwhelmed" by the scope of problems facing our community. They say, "Faith tells us Catholic Charities is a way to help others as we can. Catholic Charities can gather our small efforts and magnify them so that we can have an effect. It's hard to make a difference on our own; there is real power in numbers."

Both Pat and Nancy find inspiration in the example of their parents, who were faith-filled people and volunteered to help out where needed. The couple also finds inspiration in the words of Pope Francis, who has urged the Church to be a field hospital for vulnerable and suffering people. Nancy adds, "Catholic Charities is a field hospital in our region."

Through volunteer experiences, the couple has witnessed this field hospital in action at Cosgrove Center, Matt Talbot for Men, and St. Martin de Porres Family Center. "We have been so inspired by those who are doing the work: social workers, volunteers, and staff providing outreach. We want to be supportive of their work. They help people in tough situations and work with them to heal and gain self-sufficiency," says Nancy.

Additionally, the Sullivans find Catholic Charities "incredibly effective" in getting results and the portion of funds raised that go directly to programs and services that help people in great need.

Pat and Nancy Sullivan are the parents of five children and have recently become grandparents as well. They are members of St. Christopher Parish in Rocky River.

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