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Scholarship Information


What is Fund A Dream?

Fund A Dream (FAD) is a special tuition assistance scholarship program crafted to support Catholic education. Through this initiative, donors are paired with deserving students. Each student selected for a FAD is granted a $2,500 scholarship, significantly reducing their annual tuition fees for one school year.

Who Can Receive Fund A Dream Tuition Assistance?

FAD is open to students from grades K-12 who demonstrate financial need and fulfill the specified criteria for assistance.

How is each school involved?

Every school designates a specific individual as the point of contact. This liaison acts as the primary connection between the school administration and families interested in applying for FAD.

What information and steps are required to apply for a Fund A Dream Tuition Assistance?

  • Go to the application portal.
  • Review the school liaison contact list and locate the school(s) you are enrolled in.
    • If you have children at different schools, you must complete an application for each school.
  • Enter the application portal and complete the required information.
  • Your school liaison will then review your application to notify the Fund A Dream office if you are eligible for a FAD scholarship.
  • If you are eligible for FAD, your application will be reviewed by the Fund A Dream office. You will be notified via email of your application status.
  • Note Important Filing Information: The Fund A Dream application opens on January 8, 2024. The deadline to apply is March 25, 2024.

What information is necessary to apply for a Fund A Dream Scholarship?

Your family needs to gather necessary information to complete the Fund A Dream application by providing the following details

  • Confirmed planned school enrollment for the upcoming academic year (2024/25).
  • Student's full name and current grade.
  • Comprehensive family contact information, ensuring all relevant details are accurate.
  • Documentation for income verification, showcasing the family's financial situation.
  • School Verification Process:
    • It's imperative to note that schools have a responsibility to authenticate the enrollment status and assess the financial need of all applicants. This step ensures fairness and accuracy in the Tuition Assistance allocation process.

What are the responsibilities of the FAD Student and School to share with the participating Donor?

For successful participation in the FAD program, both students and schools have specific obligations:

  • Fund A Dream recipients must provide certain basic details, including their first name, grade, and other essential information, to the respective donor. This helps foster a connection and transparency between the student and the donor.
  • Student Progress Communication throughout the academic year; the school will initiate communication regarding the student's progress. This update allows donors to understand the impact of their contribution and stay informed about the student's educational journey.
  • As part of this commitment, each school will extend an invitation to donors to attend an all-school mass during Catholic Schools Week. This event promotes unity, gratitude, and a sense of community among donor and the student.
  • Continuation of Funding: It's essential to understand that while the Fund A Dream program offers invaluable support, continued assistance for a student in subsequent years is not guaranteed. Recipients and their families should remain proactive in exploring and securing other financial avenues for long-term educational funding.
  • By adhering to these guidelines and fostering a collaborative environment, both students and schools can optimize the benefits of the Fund A Dream Tuition Assistance initiative and ensure its sustained success.

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