Tuition Assistance

The Catholic Education Endowment Trust (CEET) provides opportunities for scholarship assistance in the various ministries of Catholic Education within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

Established in 1976, CEET promotes Catholic education and includes tuition-aid scholarships to families with financial need who desire a Catholic education for their children. To that end, the CEET Board meets four times per year and administers the Bishop’s Scholarship, Diocesan Tuition Assistance and the Religious Education Grant.

The Bishops’ Scholarship for Excellence, named in honor of the five bishops serving the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, acknowledges students for their academic excellence. The awards, presented by the Bishop, amount to $3,000 to 8 high school students and $1,000 to 16 elementary school students.

The Diocese of Cleveland offers financial aid through its Diocesan Tuition Assistance (DTA) Grants Fund and this aid is available to all applicants. These funds come from generous donors from across the diocese and are dispersed yearly to needy families through a distribution process that takes into account family and school need, total number of children applying for aid and total amount of funds available each year.

The Religious Education Program Grants provides financial support of up to $1,500 to parishes for creative and innovative approaches to religious education programs. Collaborative projects, amongst parishes, are especially encouraged.

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